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Wood Rot Repair Stops Fungal Decay

Wood being the most popular and highly attractive building material, it has one weakness, rot. Wood rot repair will be required urgently because decay can cause structural problems in your home. What makes dry rot so troublesome, is that its like a contagious disease – it spreads through a property destroying other wood on its rampant journey.

Dry rot thrives in damp conditions, more so in areas which aren’t ventilated properly. This is why you’ll find dry rot under floor boards and behind skirting boards. Sometimes wood rot is taking place in these areas that the homeowner isn’t even aware of. When it is spotted, the wood rot has already progressed into such a state that immediate action is required. If you are seriously concerned about a dry rot outbreak in your home, you can call us for advice and the necessary action.  

Effective and Affordable Products

Atlanta consistently has extreme temperatures that produce both warmth and moisture conditions. These conditions can cause rot in wood which is feeding ground for fungi . There are a few things you can do to help your wood remain dry, and that is to keep it painted, providing a layer of protection from water. Also, good air flow also helps with keeping wood dry. Then there are great products to help with wood rot repair, and these products work at preventing termites and worms destroying your wood. This is because the ingredients in these products are distasteful to insects and also not attractive to fungi either.

You DON’T have to Get Rid of your Wood

Many homeowners despair when they think that wood rot means a complete home makeover to get rid of everything that is wood. There are alternatives to this, and wood rot repair can actually be accomplished in just a few hours as well. 

If you’re someone concerned about their wood and are not prepared to take any chances. Call us today!

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