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Home flooring has become a redesigning venture. Flooring selection are available in the Atlanta Georgia depending on your preference. In Atlanta, ceramic tiles remain the top choice because of their attractive designs and maintenance ease. On the other hand, stone/slate floor tiles gives your business or home an aesthetic view for a longer period. However, with time, the tiles become loose, damaged tiles leaves an unsightly appearance and makes cleaning of the floor difficult. Replacing the spoilt tiles with new ones is costly and time consuming. We advise that you invite an expert to fix your tiles to give your home a lasting beauty. 

Common Tile Problems and Tips

Cracked tile

Identifying the cause of the crack is important before any intervention is taken. This will ensure the same problem don’t occur again in the near future.

Using silicon caulk to seal the fissures. After the adhesive dries, it can become unsightly and therefore painting it is advisable to blend the design of the tiles.

Small chips in tile

The coloration of the tiles is usually on the surface. In case of a chip, the ceramic underneath gives your floor an unattractive look. Dab the affected tiles with nail polish that conforms to that of the color of the tile. Nail polish becomes hard when dry and covers the floor pleasantly. Acetone removes the darkened floor repair for a quick refilling.

Worn tile

Once the tile becomes outdated you refresh it with paint. Scrubbing the old floor and then sanding it slightly are the first steps in the renovation process. Cover the old tiles with an oil or urethane-based paint to give your floor an updated outlook that is attractive. 24 hours curing can be done before a final floor finish.

Cracked grout

Due to loosening of the adhesive used in tile fitting, your grout can crack. Replacing the grout with a new application is advisable in case it wears out. Allow your grout to dry by avoiding it stepping on it for the first 48 hours.


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