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Do’s and Don’ts to Follow for Home Renovations in Atlanta Even though there is no shortage of firms offering home renovation services in Atlanta, sometimes things can go awry even when the best home renovation firm has been roped in, owing to various problems and delays that might arise....

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Best Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Atlanta Residents Need help remodeling your bathroom? Well look no further, we are here to help. It’s always best to hire a professional of course but should you decide to hire one or take on this project on your own, we wanted to provide...

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Saving Energy in the Summer The  basement in your home doesn’t always have to be thought of as a dungeon. Finish it, and give yourself some functional, additional living space. Using energy saving ideas in the design of the space, will ultimately save you money, save the planet, and...

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Many homeowners forget to incorporate the roof, one of the most visible parts of their house, into their landscape design. Whether you’re buying a new roof or working with the one currently on your home, there are three aspects to take into account as you make landscaping decisions: color,...

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If your yard is flooding due to improper drainage, you’ve got a problem. Standing water can affect your home’s foundation, harm your grass, prevent plant growth and cause general erosion. Severe problems are best left to a professional who can determine the most appropriate fix for your issue. Here...

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It is a known fact that kitchen and bathroom remodels are the ultimate investment for a home and are more than capable of recouping a huge percentage of their costs at the resale of your home. One of the biggest trends in remodeling today are the spacious walk-in showers....

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Summer Tips: How to Protect Wood Decking in Atlanta Georgia During and Between Summers Decking is actually incredibly important to your garden and your home, especially in Atlanta Georgia. You may have family and friends over for a barbecue, evening drinks, or you might even like to start your...

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Sure, that traditional picket fence can keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard, but what about adding a little personality? Express yourself with one of these unique takes on fencing. Living Hedges — Using plants to create natural borders allows homeowners to add privacy and beauty to a...

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Summer Tips: How to Keep Cool in the summer without Air Conditioning With the beautiful, summer days unfortunately come those horrible, humid summer nights. Damp sheets, tossing and turning, minimal sleep. No one’s idea of a peaceful night’s rest. But what if the air conditioning is busted? What if...

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Painting your home adds value, and even when you are on a tight budget, we work with you in selecting quality paints and at prices you can afford. The benefit of a professional paint job is that the paint won’t peel or crack soon after the job is completed....

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