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The summer is at its peak, time to get some essential seasonal maintenance checks done outside during this time, before fall hits. One important element that we shouldn’t ignore during your seasonal summer checks includes the roof.

It is essential that we perform regular routine checks on our roofs to ensure that they remain in great condition and also safe for us, our families and our neighbors. But what kind of tasks can you carry out during maintenance? Here are some handy tips that you can carry out yourself, to keep those roofs in prime condition!

Routine Check
Although it seems to be one of those chores that we put off year after year, maintaining our roofs is of upmost importance, especially tiles or slates, and the summer is the perfect time to motivate yourself.

First of all; ensure that there are no broken or missing slates or tiles, if there are set out to fix or replace them as soon as possible. Ignoring this will lead to deterioration of the wood itself, which is a lot harder and more expensive to resolve down the line. Ensure the loose tiles and slates are fixed and don’t look out of place before moving onto to the next step.

Guttering is also an essential piece of maintenance to perform on a regular basis, and you don’t have to call us to carry it out for you. Make sure that all the gutters are clear of debris, branches and leaves, to ensure that the water during rainfall will run smoothly and will stop rainwater from causing any damage to your roof. While clearing the gutters, take the time to make sure that there aren’t any visible cracks or damage to the guttering themselves.

Overhead Branches
Finally, while carrying out your seasonal roof maintenance, take the time to trim and tidy any branches from nearby trees and shrubs that surround your roof and overhang over the tiles/guttering. This will minimize the amount of branches and leaves that will end up blocking your drains and guttering and ultimately the damage caused to your roof. When the winter months set in, there will also be less branches to fall during strong winds, meaning less potential risk to your roof’s welfare.

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