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Summer Tips: How to Keep Cool in the summer without Air Conditioning

With the beautiful, summer days unfortunately come those horrible, humid summer nights. Damp sheets, tossing and turning, minimal sleep. No one’s idea of a peaceful night’s rest. But what if the air conditioning is busted? What if you’re trying to save some money? What if you don’t even have an air conditioning system? Here are some quick easy tips to keep cool during these situations.

Close Blinds

Thirty percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows, and although you may initially think that keeping the blinds open will be cooler, in actual fact it will prevent your bedroom from becoming your own miniature greenhouse.

Use Your Doors

Close off rooms during the day, and you’re asking for heat to accumulate and grow unbearable by the time you head off to bed. Keep those doors open, and let the cool air blow through both during the day and also while you sleep at night.

Swap Sheets

Swapping your sheets regularly is not only hygienic and good practice, it will also keep your bed cool and fresh, which in turn will also keep you feeling cool and fresh. Consider swapping your pillows regularly also.

Readjust Ceiling Fan

Did you know that setting your ceiling fan to rotate anti-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed will create a wind like breeze effect, ultimately making the room feel cooler.

Maintain Body Temperature

Don’t just concentrate on keeping the room nice and cool, consider trying to chill yourself first. Sipping iced drinks, use a cold damp cloth on your forehead, neck and wrists, and also re consider what you wear to bed every night.

Fans Fans Fans

Make sure that you turn on that extractor fan after you’ve taken a hot shower, or after you’ve cooked your evening meal. These will pull the hot air created out of the house.

Night Air

Although only ever so slightly depending on where you live, temperatures will drop during the late hours. Crack your window open to let in that cool night air, just be sure not to open too ajar in case any strange creatures decide to interrupt your rest!

Save Energy

Not only is swapping your light bulbs to more energy efficient variations much better for your wallet and the environment, they will also emit less energy and therefore heat. Although a small difference, with the extra benefit of saving money, why wouldn’t you?


Finally, if you’re still desperate, why not try this nifty trick and create your own DIY ice cold fan? Fill a bowl with ice, angle it correctly in front of your bedroom fan, and the air will whip off the ice at an extra cold and misty temperature, and feels amazing.


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