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Summer Tips – Home Energy Audit – Save Money
As the days become warmer and warmer, you’ll being to  wonder about how to keep your home cool in an energy efficient way. A home energy audit is important because you could possibly be consuming far more electricity than is necessary, giving you a hefty energy bill. The appliances you use such as electric fans and air conditioners can affect your energy use and costs. It will be to your benefit to examine the appliances and estimate their energy use. In Summer you want to find out about avoiding heat build-up in your home.  

Start Small
A home energy audit will reveal to you your problem areas, and once these problems have been attended to, you can save yourself quite a significant amount of money. Your own home energy audit may not be as effective as a professional energy assessment, but it can still help you identify some of the easier areas to address.

Examine all of your light bulbs and replace inefficient ones with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or energy-saving incandescent. It is also worth finding out if your particular electric utility offers rebates or an incentive for having energy-efficient lamps.

Also, think about the heating and cooling equipment in your home. How is the ductwork? Dirt streaks may indicate air leaks and these should always be sealed.  If your units are old it may be time to have them replaced with a newer, energy-efficient unit.
Changes that can Impact Your Electricity Bill
Even with new homes, there are still opportunities to save energy, especially with air leaks along the baseboard or edge of the flooring. Check for cracks and holes in the mortar, and also look for leaks around windows and doors.

Heat loss through the walls and the ceiling can be significant. Maybe when your home was built, the right amount of insulation was included but now, with today’s energy prices, the level of insulation is more than likely to be inadequate. In the attic, check whether openings for pipes and ductwork are sealed.

If you think there isn’t anything more you can do to make your home more energy efficient, a trained, certified technician can assess your home and report on areas that can be improved. You may not have thought of everything for instance and not even be aware that there are health and safety issues right within your home such as poor air quality and carbon monoxide levels.

A certified, reputable technician will use diagnostic tools such as the Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, identifying those health and safety issues. These are just simple of inexpensive actions towards maximum energy savings in Summer. Feel free to contact us about any questions that you may have about reducing your energy bill today!

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