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A soffit is the board that comes between the gap of a home’s siding and its roofline. You’ll find it below the horizontal fascia board which holds the gutters. The soffits role is to help with ventilating an attic but they can be exposed to moisture, especially if your gutters aren’t working properly.

Like the soffit, the fascia board is another part of the roof than can be damaged and require repair. This vertical finishing edge which makes the roof look more attractive, is connected to the ends of the rafters. Its job is to protect the wooden board against water damage.

Because of their vulnerability to damp, wet conditions, soffit and fascia repair will become necessary when rot sets in. In Atlanta, this is when your home becomes exposed to the elements because the soffit and fascia can no longer do their job properly.



Rotting soffit and fascia boards simply jeopardize the work of your gutters. The fascias, soffits and gutters – all work together to see that your home remains warm and dry. Before you take drastic measures, simply sanding and re-painting can possibly prevent further damage until you can can get to repair them properly. Before you consider any repair work, contact us.

Permanent Repairs with Minimum Trouble

There was a time when timber fascias and soffits were installed, but wood, attractive though it is, is difficult to maintain and treat. If you’re looking for something more permanent, installing uPVC roofline is a good option because of it’s longevity and maintenance needs.

Repair or replacements costs of soffits and fascias will depend on the size of your roof and the products you use. One thing is certain, soffits and fascias will protect your home and make your property more appealing for any prospective home buyers in the future.


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