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Summer Tips: How to Protect Wood Decking in Atlanta Georgia During and Between Summers

Decking is actually incredibly important to your garden and your home, especially in Atlanta Georgia. You may have family and friends over for a barbecue, evening drinks, or you might even like to start your day outside on the decking with your breakfast, a cup of coffee and a good book. Either way, it is essential that you know how to protect your beloved wooden deck. During the summer months your decking will be open to even more scuffing wear and tear, plus battering from the summer heat. So where do you begin with keeping your decking looking fresh and new?

Inspect For Repair

Always schedule an annual full and thorough check of your deck. Don’t give it a quick once over, try to inspect it thoroughly while keeping an eye out for dangerous nails, splits and cracks in the wood, rotting wood and dampness, any loose boards or screws or anything that might be dangerous or makes your valued deck look unappealing. Make any necessary repairs and touch ups asap, to decrease the deterioration process.

Wash the Decking

Keeping the deck clean and washing regularly will prevent the appearance of mould, mildew and moss growth. The best time to clean your deck would be before you commit your annual inspection. Use appropriate products for your style of decking and wood, and use a pressure hose to get rid of any debris. Also to minimize the amount of debris and mould that will accumulate on the decking itself, consider keeping plants and bushes a good distance away and also to try and trim them regularly.

Stain and Seal

While inspecting also make sure that there is still a good coating on the wood itself, if any bare wood is exposed for whatever reason then you will need to reseal. Although you may have heard that staining and sealing the decking will cause water to bead on the surface, in actual fact it will still protect the wood for a long time after. There are multiple different stains available to suit your needs and preferences, from a clear wood preservation to a darker stained finish.

Bonus: Prepare For Annual Snowfall

Although we mostly think about using and maintaining our decking during the summer months, unfortunately it’s still open to the harsh winter weather. Try to put any furniture in storage during to the winter months for extra preservation. Finally, make sure that you remove any snow build up with a PLASTIC shovel and a broom.

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