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In recent years, kitchen remodeling have reached new heights in terms of designs and appeal with contractors utilizing the innovative technology to increase the safety and comfort of your kitchen.

While installing natural stone surfaces, and providing extra working and storage space will always the primary concern for any kitchen remodeling project, integrating technology into kitchen can help homeowners achieve a better cooking experience.

If you are also planning to renovate your kitchen anytime soon, some of the popular kitchen remodeling technological trends to incorporate in your kitchen renovation project are-

Induction and Touchscreen Cooktops

In every kitchen remodeling project, contractors make considerable effort to increase the safety and efficiency of the cooking experience by replacing outdated kitchen appliances with safer cooking options such as induction or touchscreen cooktops.

Induction cooktops make use of electromagnetic induction technology (generating electricity using magnetism), transferring the heat directly in cooking utensil rather than the cooktop, which eventually means lower fumes, no extra heat and high speed cooking making the experience much safer and time-efficient compared to conventional stove cooking.

Tech manufacturers are also aiming to make the cooking experience more entertaining and pleasurable through touchscreen cooktops. Touchscreen cooktops are the induction cooktops with the ability to display information from a technology device on the glass surface.

It enables the user to view recipes, make notes, check mails, and interact on social media, and to carry myriads of other activities over the internet. The electronically charged cooktops are metal-sensitive i.e. it generates heat only when detecting a metal, making the appliance much safer especially among children.

LED Lighting

LED lighting can also be a great addition to your kitchen remodeling project. A great lighting system is prerequisite for every kitchen to provide users with optimum clarity to safely carry various activities in a kitchen.

LED lightings are bright, energy efficient and emit less heat but also increase the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen considerably. LED lights use less energy (6-8watts) compared to incandescent lights (40-60Watts) which also helps in cutting down your electricity bills by a considerable margin.

Moreover, the regular life span of LED lights is 50,000 hours opposed to 1,200 hours for conventional lights, thus, illuminating the various elements of your kitchen design for a much longer time.

U-Sockets and Device Charging

According to a study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), almost 42 percent of the consumers store or charge their devices in kitchens, making the installation of U-sockets and charging station an essential component of any kitchen remodeling project.

The U-sockets comes with two inbuilt USB ports to power devices such as iPhone, iPad, kindle, digital cameras etc. Furthermore, using inductive power sources that charge devices by simply placing your device on them or wireless chargers for any gadget can also be a great addition to your kitchen.

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