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Most finishing touches for the renovation of a room, is often adding interior trim. Interior trim refers to the decorative wooden pieces around doors, windows and baseboards around the floor, as well as other decorative trims, such as crown molding. These trims can provide extra insulation and protection at the edges of a room, as well as give that room a finished, professional look.

Interior trim installation or repair can be done by us here at AMR, but they are also fairly easy to learn to do at home.

First, the pieces of wooden trim should be cut to the correct sizes. The cope saw or miter saw is used to cut corners at the correct angles, so that the pieces fit together seamlessly. The cope saw can make curved cuts, and the miter saw can make perfectly angled cuts. Accurately cut corners angles insure that there will not be any gaps in the trim at the corners of the room or of the windows and doors.

Once the trim is measured and trimmed to the correctly lengths, next it’s time to nail the wood to the studs in the wall. Use special thin trim nails to hold the trim securely in place.
Interior trim can be repaired and or installed in a number of different ways. If there are tiny gaps in between sections of the trim, these can be filled in with caulk. There can also be the problem of protruding nails, which can be simply hammered back in. The surface of the interior trim can also be repaired if it has stains or small nicks and chips.

Some small areas can be simply filled in with wood putty. For larger or more extensive refinishing, the trim can be cleaned and stripped, and areas can be smoothed with sandpaper.  After that, then it can be repainted or varnished.
Interior trim installation and repair are useful skills for any homeowner, and they do not require a lot of specialized construction knowledge. The most important part is having the right tools and taking the time and care to measure and cut accurately for a job well done.

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