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Energy bills are a consistent headaches for families all over Atlanta, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil. However, there certainly are things that we could do to try and lessen the impact of these annual and monthly bills. Nearly half of all typical energy bills comes from both heating and cooling costs.

When the unbearable summer heat kicks in, it is incredibly tempting to turn the AC on to max, and at the time we simply don’t care about the costs it might incur. However, there are still annual maintenance checks that we could carry out on our HVAC units throughout the year to both save electricity and avoid hefty repair bills.

Get into a routine of giving your system an annual check up, the optimum time being just before the high temperatures soar in and put your AC units into overdrive.

Air Filters

First of all, clean your air filters! Doing this alone can sometimes save your energy consumption by up to 15%. During busy summer months, you should clean the filter on a weekly basis and then replace the filter every month or so.

Surrounding Area

Another important maintenance tip is to keep the area surrounding your unit as clean and clear of clutter as possible. Keep all plants and vegetation at least two feet away from the unit itself, including any fallen leaves during colder months. This will allow the AC unit to pull in air to its best ability, and will minimize the amount of debris and dust collected.

Professional Help

Some important aspects of an annual check up will include disassembling the unit, so you may need to find a professional if you aren’t confident enough to do this yourself. This will include both cleaning the drain, since a clogged drain can rival a dirty filter with the amount of energy wasted. It will also include cleaning both the outdoor and the indoor units, by cleaning the fan blades and making sure the fan runs smoothly and effectively, and involve removing dust and grime buildup from the evaporator coil.

Final Tips
Finally, here are some other minor tasks that you could carry out during your maintenance to make sure that HVAC unit will do its job properly and effectively. Get a programmable thermostat as opposed to a standard one, since on a timed function you’ll know when it will need to come on and won’t need to adjust otherwise except for in extreme circumstances. Seal any open spaces and nooks and crannies, since the less cool air that escapes from your home then the less energy is wasted.

Finally an important tip to keep in mind is that setting the air conditioner any cooler than your desired temperature doesn’t cool down the house any quicker, it just means it will be working harder and longer than necessary.

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