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Siding Repair to Prevent Water and Insects Entering

Sidings are made of wood, vinyl or composite materials and these days green options are becoming available too. Siding repair becomes necessary when you discover that there is a hole and water is now entering your home. Water penetration can have a terrible effect on your home, damaging its structure and encouraging mould growth. Most homeowners can repair small cavities with our help.

Vinyl siding is the most affordable while wood will be much higher in price to repair, especially if you require professional assistance. Wood often rots and in fact is the biggest type of siding repair and simply replacing a few wooden plants won’t be the answer. Most times when you have rotting siding, you have dry rot underneath which is even worst.

Siding repair for vinyl is far easier when compared to repairing wood or aluminum siding. To quickly repair vinyl siding for instance, you can repair the damaged piece by making use of a vinyl siding removal tool.

Severe damage to your siding may require total replacement. If your siding is warping, there is mould or moisture inside the siding or your siding is coming loose in areas, remove a section and take a look. The solution may simply require replacing a damaged piece of flashing. If you’re not a handyman, contact us. You may need to replace the felt, flashings, and the siding, so calling us is going to be your best option.

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