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The importance of Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning and replacement are important parts of maintaining a home and protecting the homeowner’s investment. Many homeowners rarely think about their gutters, but gutters are essential to your home.

These open pipes or troughs on the edge of a roof collect rainwater, direct it down a pipe at the corner of the structure, and channel it off.  The channeled water either flows away from the house or into a receptacle.  

The gutter system prevents water from accumulating on the rooftop as well as around the base of a building, where it could damage the foundation or seep into the basement of the house, causing flooding.

In order to keep your gutters working properly, regular cleaned and maintenance is a must.  Leaves, sticks, dirt, and even insects can collect in the gutters and start to impair your gutters function.  All this debris needs to be eventually removed.  However, using some type of gutter guard or screen can keep much of this debris out and make cleaning less frequent.

When cleaning gutters, the first thing to do is to clear any debris that has collected in them.  This can be done by hand or with a hose.  You can purchase a special gutter-cleaning attachment for your hose specifically for this purpose.  

The downspout should also be checked for blockages to ensure that the collected water has a smooth passage away from the structure. Gutters should also be regularly checked and repaired, in order to maximize their function and prolong their useful life.  

While many homeowners are able to perform their own gutter cleaning and maintenance, professional companies will both clean your gutters and perform routine maintenance checks.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your gutters should have a long life span.  However in due time, your gutters may eventually begin to buckle or leak.  If they do need to be replaced, there are different types to choose from.  Aluminum gutters last the longest, but other models may be made of steel, vinyl, wood, or even copper.

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