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Home Improvement – Don’t move, Rather Improve!

Moving can be stressful. Before even consider hiring an real estate agent to hunt for that elusive home, sometimes it is far more worthwhile staying put and improving on what you have. You have to spend some money on your home if you want to maintain its value and also improve its resale price.

Even applying for a home improvement loan is worth considering  because it will pay off in the long run when you sell your home for a handsome price. Your home is a valuable financial asset and with modernization and additions, it will become even more valuable to you. Before you call us to start knocking down walls in your home, consider what changes you want to see.

You’ll Recover all the Costs when you Sell

Consider the payoff of maybe an extra bedroom, more cupboard space, an extra bathroom, a swimming pool or a new patio. Weigh the costs of your improvement ideas versus what you can expect to recover when you sell your home.

Home Improvement can be the addition of new rooms, a conversion of one ‘useless’ room into something more needed or simply a modernization project, like changing your dark bathroom into a bright new spa-like retreat.

So Much Expert Advice for  DIY

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, you’ll be thrilled with the hardware stores of today which have how-to videos, books and brochures covering a range of home improvement projects ranging from ceramic tiling to flooring and much more.

With any home renovations, your quality of life is guaranteed to be enhanced and if you’re not in the Atlanta area, there are plenty of professional and registered companies with proven track records who can handle your specific job. Finding a competent, trustworthy contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project.

There are hundreds of home renovation ideas to think of; from kitchen revamps to replacement windows, installing a new alarm system, new lights, a new roof, a new watering system or new gutters. If cost is an issue, new fresh paint is affordable start and can do wonders to a dreary, dirty wall.

Simpler Techniques make it Easy and Quick

Home improvement isn’t the huge upheaval of yesteryear. Today, building contractors take a wide range of traditional home renovation ideas and bring them up to date with a host of simple techniques that bring exciting new looks with minimal disruption.
If you’re in the Atlanta Georgia area, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email for all of your home improvement needs.

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