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Painting your home adds value, and even when you are on a tight budget, we work with you in selecting quality paints and at prices you can afford. The benefit of a professional paint job is that the paint won’t peel or crack soon after the job is completed. It never pays to put off painting your home because in the end, it can end-up being far more expensive as damage from the elements is an ongoing factor.

Re-painting your home adds value, protection, and even when you are on a tight budget, we’ll work closely with you in your selection of quality paints and at prices you can afford. We will provide a free estimate and ensure that your home receives a professional paint job that won’t peel or crack soon after completion. Also, consider different materials such as wood and steel and use specialized paints, finishes, stains and varnishes for each of these different materials.

Proper Preparation is Important

We can even mix paints – whatever your requirements for unique looks. Brushes and rollers,  texture tools are important to ensure that your home gets the look you want. Surfaces are washed, existing paint is scraped away and cracks and holes are filled before painting.

We offer design consulting services to help you with making choices in terms of color and protective qualities. Different paints are used for inside and outside and for different surfaces. These days painting is no longer just a tin of paint and a couple of brushes. There are a whole range of tools to get the job done successfully. It’s the tedious prep work that makes so many people opt out and call us.

You’ll want to be using good quality paints for your home, particularly for the exterior. This is because it will look stylish but also, because it will save you money in the long run by offering durability.

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