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Know the Important Differences

There are so many beautiful paints to choose from, you want to be sure the painter has the skills and knowledge to use them correctly. They’ll need to know that interior and exterior paints have different properties, and serve different purposes. Interior paint must resist staining and be able to be cleaned. Exterior paints need to include ultra violet absorbers to resist fading if you live in an area known for its hot, sunny weather. The painter will need to understand the chemistry behind each paint.

For instance, gloss paints might be a good idea indoors when you’ve got kids because its tough and you can wipe it clean. For trim, such as door casings, semi-gloss may be a good choice. Certainly, for high-traffic areas, a highly durable paint will be required.

Prep Work comes First

Before even thinking of color, your interior- and exterior walls will need to be prepared for painting. The walls will need to be scraped, and small imperfections smoothed away. A high quality primer will help to hide small imperfections on walls, using an oil-based primer for walls with bad staining.

Break Away from the Norm

Using the right color is an effective way to revive a surface. With the wide variety of paints, you’ve got heaps of craft techniques that give stunning results. You don’t have to follow the crowds with paint colors, and lots of people are moving away from whites and beige paints and introducing bright, bold colors to their interiors and exteriors. These paints are bringing about an exciting, mood to a home and are great fun to paint. With the non-drip paints of today, you can achieve some awesome looks to your liking.  Then again, choose colors carefully and think about the effect you want to create because you’ll be stuck with these colors for a long time.

Anyone can get Professional Results

Not all paints are equal and performance will vary by brand. Cheap grades may well stretch further but you’ll be painting soon again as these paints don’t perform well long-term.  thing worth knowing about interior and exterior painting is that manufacturers have reduced the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Paint indoors and out and get professional results by getting excellent information online. You can even watch videos to see how the experts do it and you’ll discover how easy the methods are once you get the knack. You’ll also be able to achieve stunning results just the way the experts do.

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