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Drywall installation

Whether you are renovating a room or a building an addition from the ground up, you will need to be skilled in dry wall hanging and repair. The drywall is the final step in turning a construction site into a complete, livable room.

Drywall is sold in large sheets and are extremely heavy. The sheets are hung over the frame of the room and fastened to the wooden studs with nails. An adhesive is also helpful for holding the drywall in place between the nails. Finally, the sheets of drywall are screwed in securely to the studs.
Accurate measuring is very important in drywall hanging, so that no unintended gaps are left between the drywall sheets.

Where there are necessary gaps, the space is then covered with mesh tape and filled in with drywall compound. Drywall compound is also used at the joints of the drywall and to seal everything together. Finally, the wall is sanded to give a smooth finish.

Drywall repair

There are many reasons that drywall might need repair, from small holes from hanging pictures to  more extensive damage. Drywall repair is a relatively simple process, but it must be approached with care and accuracy.
Tiny holes can simple be repaired with a can of spackling paste. A more extensive drywall repair requires drywall compound, mesh tape, and a knife for spreading the compound. It is also possible to use a patch made from a piece of a sheet of drywall itself and cut it to fit the hole. No matter what the method of repair, the last step is to spread the repair site with compound and sand it smooth to blend in with the wall.

After any repair, the wall will likely need to be repainted. Primer should be applied to the repaired area first, so that the paint will adhere properly. Then the newly repaired wall can be painted in such a way as to completely disguise the fact that it was ever damaged.

Drywall hanging and repair are relatively simple, but getting the hang of them takes practice. Drywall sheets are extremely heavy, and some specialized tools are helpful when trimming and hanging the sheets. Here at AMR we can handle the job with speed and precision; however, the average homeowner can also learn to complete these tasks. These valuable skills are likely to come in handy for future home improvement projects.

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