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Do’s and Don’ts to Follow for Home Renovations in Atlanta

Even though there is no shortage of firms offering home renovation services in Atlanta, sometimes things can go awry even when the best home renovation firm has been roped in, owing to various problems and delays that might arise.

For homeowners, home renovation can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Then, there’s the problem of periodic disturbances from the ongoing work inside the house

Keeping in mind the above factors, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for homeowners to follow for a smooth and problem-free renovation:


  • Insist on a written contract before finalizing the deal. It should cover all the important details such as the dates of beginning and completion, total cost, payment details and an early termination clause.
  • Note the contact details of every crew member working inside the house during the renovation job.
  • Make sure the contractor has his crew and firm insured and possesses a valid working license.
  • Plan every single aspect of the remodeling job in advance to eliminate unintended design mistakes.
  • Workers need breaks from time to time, so keep the garage clean and make sufficient space for them to rest and store tools away when not in use.
  • Always inspect the quality of expensive materials such as tiles before they are installed.


  • Don’t micromanage the renovation crew. Let them work according to their manager’s instructions. Always deal with their manager directly for any issue or feedback.
  • Don’t change your mind about something crucial halfway during the renovation. It will cause problems for you and your contractor.
  • Some homeowners prefer to buy their own materials for renovation to reduce expenses. However, leaving the arrangement of the required materials to the builder is a much better option as he/she knows what’s best for such tasks.
  • Don’t prioritize fancy decorations over structural repairs just because you want the house to look good. Let the builder have a good look around and let him decide.
  • Don’t let kids and pets interfere with the job. Workmen use a multitude of tools which can be hazardous for kids.
  • Don’t start the work without having a contingency fund as backup to cover unforeseen expenses. This fund can come in handy when costs overshoot the budget, which is a rare case.
  • Don’t distract the workers by talking to them about things unrelated to their job. They need to concentrate more on the task at hand.

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