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Are you potentially in need of a carpenter, but aren’t sure if their skill set would be appropriate for the job in hand? Whatever the reason, in this article we will discuss what a carpenter is, what tasks they are expected to do and other useful information.

Carpenters are more than just craftsmen. They construct many different projects, but also must be able to effectively read and analyze blueprints and design diagrams, as well as use powerful and sometimes dangerous tools effectively. They are required to measure, mark, and gather tools and materials necessary for the job in question. There are also other sub-fields within carpentry, such as cabinetry, furniture making, residential, and finally construction carpentry.

Residential Or Construction Carpentry
What is the difference between these two? Well a residential carpenter works primarily with home improvement, both indoors and outside. They’d serve as a contractor themselves, and would need to work and produce their own designs while working with the customer on a personal level. A construction carpenter would work on much larger projects, such as framing rooms or even entire homes, and could also stretch to roof framing, outside decking and other large projects. Some even choose to specialize in furniture and cabinetry making. These focus solely on constructing furniture for homes, such as tables and chairs, cabinets, and other products around the house. This may not be as simple as it sounds however, as they still need to gather the appropriate tools and materials, decide on the paint job and then usually tackle the project themselves.

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