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The importance of Gutter cleaning Gutter cleaning and replacement are important parts of maintaining a home and protecting the homeowner’s investment. Many homeowners rarely think about their gutters, but gutters are essential to your home. These open pipes or troughs on the edge of a roof collect rainwater, direct...

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Pressure Washing When a large outdoor surface is very dirty or stained and hard to clean, the solution is usually pressure washing.  A pressure washer can clean an area with far greater power than any manual method, and it can blast off dirt, dust, grease, old paint, and more....

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Home flooring has become a redesigning venture. Flooring selection are available in the Atlanta Georgia depending on your preference. In Atlanta, ceramic tiles remain the top choice because of their attractive designs and maintenance ease. On the other hand, stone/slate floor tiles gives your business or home an aesthetic...

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Wood Rot Repair Stops Fungal Decay Wood being the most popular and highly attractive building material, it has one weakness, rot. Wood rot repair will be required urgently because decay can cause structural problems in your home. What makes dry rot so troublesome, is that its like a contagious...

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The summer is at its peak, time to get some essential seasonal maintenance checks done outside during this time, before fall hits. One important element that we shouldn’t ignore during your seasonal summer checks includes the roof. It is essential that we perform regular routine checks on our roofs...

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Energy bills are a consistent headaches for families all over Atlanta, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil. However, there certainly are things that we could do to try and lessen the impact of these annual and monthly bills. Nearly half of all typical energy bills comes from both...

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Summer Tips – Home Energy Audit – Save Money As the days become warmer and warmer, you’ll being to  wonder about how to keep your home cool in an energy efficient way. A home energy audit is important because you could possibly be consuming far more electricity than is...

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Start with the internet. The Internet is where to find hundreds of cool ways to make your kitchen attractive, practical and multi-functional, for any budget. What look appeals to you, as the design styles are endless, and you can take your pick from country-look kitchens, vintage styles or chic,...

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Saving Energy in the Summer The  basement in your home doesn’t always have to be thought of as a dungeon. Finish it, and give yourself some functional, additional living space. Using energy saving ideas in the design of the space, will ultimately save you money, save the planet, and...

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Many homeowners forget to incorporate the roof, one of the most visible parts of their house, into their landscape design. Whether you’re buying a new roof or working with the one currently on your home, there are three aspects to take into account as you make landscaping decisions: color,...

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