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It is a known fact that kitchen and bathroom remodels are the ultimate investment for a home and are more than capable of recouping a huge percentage of their costs at the resale of your home.

One of the biggest trends in remodeling today are the spacious walk-in showers. The reason for this is that in the 21st century life has become so hectic, there is no real time to wallow for an hour or two in a tub. Now’s the time to do away with your shower curtain and install clear glass shower doors to give your bathroom that clean, sophisticated look.

Start simple, change the shower heads and take your shower experience from mundane to a spa like experience. Modern shower heads come with adjustable jets to produce different streams and pulsating massage sprays.  When you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom, you can’t afford to have the space taken up by a bathroom accessory that is scarcely used.

Finding bathroom ideas on the internet can be a daunting task.  here are a few places that you should search when looking for inspiration for your next bathroom design and remodel:

  1. Google.com – Google image search is one of the best places to start your bathroom  inspiration hunt.
  2. Pinterest –  Pinterest is dominated by women sharing their design ideas and visions with the world.
  3. Zillow –  Zillow is Real Estate website you are actually see the interior of a lot of beautiful homes.  Zillow also has a feature properties section, this section will tend to have beautiful bathrooms on display.
  4. Newspaper / Magazines  – Traditional magazines and newspapers have always been a great source of inspiration. Now with the internet, people tend to forget how many great home related Publications are still producing fantastic content to inspire you.
  5. Home & Garden Conventions –  If you’re in a city that has conventions or close to a city that has conventions it will definitely be in your best interest to visit a home and garden show these by far are the best places to get inspired and educated on your next bathroom remodel


These are just a few examples of where you can find great inspiration for your bathroom remodeling inspiration. Please share with us what other sources you use or find, we would love to hear from you!

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