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Is your bathroom in dire need of remodeling? Is the decor old, recycled and plain? Then perhaps it’s about time that you begin to consider re-decorating. What follows are hopefully some useful tips and ideas to remodel your bathroom that will kick start your passion and imagination and will get you busy and focused on making your bathroom the best it can be. Like ourselves, styles and designs can age and go out of fashion. So it is essential to do some upkeep, maintenance and re-styling every once in a while.

Do It Yourself

First of all, think about what you could do yourself to save some cash to begin with by avoiding unnecessary work. Gutting and replacing fixtures is an expensive venture, no matter how small your bathroom. Update and replenish what you can yourself to begin with. A little tough love with some sandpaper and a fresh, fashionable coat of paint can give any vanity or furnish a trendy new lease of life. On the topic of paint, even a minimal splash of color can truly bring your bathroom to life. Stick to white, neutral colors for the walls and fixtures to get the most light and brightness out of your room, and then color the towels and accessories to your hearts’ content.

Use Space

If you want to remodel your bathroom but are a little unsure about the amount of space available to you, then begin by maximizing the storage space that you already have. Consider implementing shelves underneath cabinets or above your eye level. You’d be amazed at the amount of space you’ll be able to find. Using glass effectively can also give the illusion of more space, when in fact your bathroom may be surprisingly small. By allowing you and your guests to see the whole room from one end to another, you’d be impressed at how much larger the bathroom itself may appear. Even small differences such as using pocket doors as opposed to standard swinging doors could be a great consideration. Every little makes a difference.

Small Fixtures and Furniture

Another great tip if you want your remodeled bathroom to appear both more streamlined and also more stylish, consider installing slightly smaller fixtures to those that you are used to. Small and chic basins, toilets and other fixtures are very fashionable at this moment in time, and will also bring the added benefit of maximizing your floor space. These bathroom remodel ideas should hopefully get your creative juices flowing and fill you with motivation to finally re-design that bathroom.

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