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Handyman Services

As suggested by the title, the services of a handyman are vast and sought after. From complicated long term jobs to simple ten minute fix ups, there is nearly no limit to the usefulness of a handyman. Are you considering hiring a handyman? Are you wondering if you’d even be able to find anyone to tackle the task in question? Here is a short summary of the type of services a handyman might expect to have to offer.

Why A Handyman?

Sometimes the day can just pass us by, and before we know it there’s no more time left in the day to do all the tasks that we had hoped to do. From small everyday tasks to large projects that take up a large part of the year, sometimes we could benefit so much by just paying a small fee for someone else, such as a handyman, to do these mundane tasks for us.


Here is a list of possible indoor jobs that you may need seeking a handyman for. General maintenance tasks may include cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, masonry and renovations. More detailed examples include fixing leaky plumbing, changing lightbulbs, cleaning drains and testing the wiring, paint jobs, even taking out the trash.


However a handyman’s services aren’t limited to inside the house. They can also offer maintenance of gardens, yards, paths and the building exterior. Clearing the gutters and removing leaves and snow from pipes and pathways, weed the garden and tend to the flowers and shrubbery, repair fences and gates, paint the house, remove mold and even repairing your outdoor furniture.

Additional Services 

Exterior/Interior painting, Deck and Patio installation, repair Soffit and fascia, Repair Siding, Repair Wood Rot, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning and Replacement, Dry wall Hanging & Repair, Interior Trim installation or Repair, Floor and Tile Repair Attic, Stair Replacement Window and Door repair or Replacement, Weather Stripping and Replacement, and Picture hanging.


Depending on the experience and qualifications of your handyman, they might even be able to service some of your equipment around the house. This adds a whole new list of services to their repertoire, such as cleaning out air vents, replacing air and heating filters, possibly test security and fire alarm systems if qualified, and so on. Possible equipment a handyman could take their hand to include cars, computers, kitchen appliances, and phones.

Maintenance Worker
Finally, one last thing to note is that sometimes a maintenance worker may be referred to as a handyman. As well as the services already mentioned, these may also deal with monitoring inventory levels, ordering supplies, book keeping, and other tasks and duties related to supplies management. What kind of handyman you may hire will depend on what you currently need help with accomplishing and getting off the strained to do list!

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