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If your yard is flooding due to improper drainage, you’ve got a problem. Standing water can affect your home’s foundation, harm your grass, prevent plant growth and cause general erosion.

Severe problems are best left to a professional who can determine the most appropriate fix for your issue. Here are five common methods for dealing with excess water in your yard.

  1. Construct a Drainage Swale — Swales are used to funnel water into storm drains or drainage ditches. They can be grassy and large or smaller and more decorative. For example, lining a swale with river rock can be a nice accent to the backyard.
  2. Collect the Water — If water shoots out of the downspouts and takes a while to drain off, consider diverting it to a rain barrel for later use. Not only will you prevent standing water, but you’ll also shave a few pennies off the water bill.
  3. Build a Rain Garden — Water-hardy plants near runoff areas improve the appearance as well as help filter flood water before it ends up in a lake or river. Check with your local extension office for regionally appropriate plants.
  4. Construct French Drains — Dealing with a wet basement? French drains may help. These partially underground channels divert standing water to an appropriate outlet. Always consult local utilities before trenching your yard.
  5. Dig a Dry Well — Dry wells are voids buried beneath your lawn that fill up with excess water and drain away over time. This drainage option is similar to the French drain, but it collects and slowly disperses water rather than rerouting it.

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